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Urinal Screen Deodorizer: A Vital Component of Restroom Hygiene

Urinal Screen Deodorizer: A Vital Component of Restroom Hygiene

Are you fed up with the stink coming out of the restroom of your building? Well, you are not the only one. Public restrooms always suffer from such undesirable odors even if proper measures for hygiene are in place. The reason is more scientific than anything.

But fret not! Let’s introduce an ally onto the scene – urinal screen deodorizer! We’ve got you covered on what it is, how it works and how you can use it to the maximum capacity to maintain a healthy environment in your restroom area.


What is a Urinal Screen Deodorizer?

A urinal screen deodorizer is a small, disc-shaped object placed atop or inside the urinal to fight off the funky smells and wicked splashes of urine. They come in all shapes and forms and you can decide on one based on your specific need.

 Urinal cakes are the classic option you can go for. They got enzymes or chemicals that break down the culprit bacteria responsible for the odor. The fact that the cake dissolves slowly leaves a lasting fragrance in the room.

A more absorbent material (like cotton) is used in urinal pads where the odor is neutralized and the splash-back is controlled. The larger pads are sometimes referred to as urinal mats.

Traditional urinal screens are plastic-made with odor control and splash reduction features and more natural alternatives such as the paraben-free ones.


How Urinal Screens Work

No matter which type of screen you pick, its basic mechanism of action stays the same –

  • Chemicals or enzymes used in the screen dissect the odor-causing bacteria and keep the urinal free of foul smells.
  • Scented flavors associated with the urinal screen mask the odor from urine with pleasant fragrances such as one of flowers or citruses.
  • The physical structure of the pads helps reduce splash-backs by deflecting your urine flow.


Why you should Use Urinal Screens

Why not? Using urinal screen deodorizers for your restroom has many plus-points if you think about it.

First off, the odor is gone! This alone sets a more inviting environment in your restroom whether it’s a public one or commercial. Splash reduction ensures a healthy and hygienic condition in the washroom area.


And who doesn’t like the fresh smell of jasmines coming out of your restroom? Well, that might sound a little creepy but the point is, fragrances like this instead of your basins reeking of urea are far more comforting for the users.

 On top of all that, urinal screens can relieve you of a lot of pressure in terms of maintenance of the restrooms. Some screens can trap debris within the plastic or the polymeric material and keep the surface clean enough. So, you don’t have to frequent that part of the building anymore.


How to Use a Urinal Screen: Step-by-Step Guide 

Don’t panic! Setting up a urinal screen deodorizer doesn’t require any rocket science. In fact, it’s a pretty straightforward process –

  1. Wash the urinal at first.
  2. Take off any deodorizer if used before.
  3. Unpack your new urinal screen and place it in the urinal. Follow the instruction manuals in this case because some screens such as pads are recommended to be put at the bottom whereas the cakes are placed atop.
  4. Let the screen do its magic!


Keep in mind some basic safety issues while handling such stuff. For example, don’t buy screens with toxic chemicals. Try to avail the eco-friendly versions for a healthy choice.

When getting rid of used deodorizer, use gloves and keep them away from your skin and eyes at all times.


Ensure a proper ventilation system in the restroom area so the air is flowing right.

Don’t forget cleaning up in regular intervals. Urinals don’t clean themselves nor do the screens have brushes! Your life may have got a little easier with the deodorizer, but you still have a job of keeping things in order.


How Often You should Replace the Screens

There is no specific timeline for this. The decision rests on a couple of factors like how crowded your restroom is, what brand of deodorizers you are using, what materials they are made of and what the manufacturers have to say about them.

However, a screen typically needs changing within two months. Replace the screens if you feel the fragrance is fading out by the day or the surface of the pad is showing some signs of tear.


Why Choose Amazon.com for Urinal Screens

Amazon.com as a competitive market has hands-down the best possible collection of urinal screens. Users can buy top-quality products within an affordable price range and based on real-time customer reviews. Convenient payment and delivery methods only add to the merits of Amazon as the finest online seller of urinal screens.


Wrapping Up

All in all, urinal screen deodorizer is an amazing invention to take note of if you are concerned about your restroom hygiene and user experience.

Urinal screens are easy-to-use, cost-effective and low-maintenance compared with the other solutions to odor control. The installation procedure is also a breeze!

More importantly, you can pick and choose from a variety of options and make use of them with appropriate safety regulations in place.


Our blog here has equipped you with all the necessary details on how it functions and how you should go about it! All there’s left for you to do is browse over to Amazon or T3-R to order a screen of your choice and within your budget, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the clouds over your restroom issues now cleared up!

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