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Can I use the T3-R Triple High Impact Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller outside?

Can I use the T3-R Triple High Impact Rodent Repellent Ultrasonic Pest Repeller outside?  T3-R

We are often asked if our mice and rat repellers can be used outside for a multitude of reasons.

Some of the locations include:

  • Squirrels climbing trees and making a mess
  • Roof rats getting onto the roof or even into the attic
  • Rodents getting into the engine of an outdoor vehicle
  • Squirrels using a shed, barn, or other structure as a food vault
  • Mice or rats getting into a basement via some open vent or crack
  • Rodents damaging or stealing the insulated under a modular home for nesting material and many more


    Let's dive into some insider insight to make the most of this rodent control device when using it outside.

    Firstly, keep in mind that the T3-R is more directional with its sound outdoors. It's like wielding a flashlight—point it where you need the most impact. Position the device with the speakers aimed directly at the infested area for optimal results.

    Unlike the indoor setting, where sound bounces off surfaces, outdoors, it's crucial to avoid obstructions. Imagine obstructing a flashlight—you won't see much. Similarly, with the T3-R, an unobstructed path allows the sound waves to fill the outdoor space effectively.

    Now, let's talk about weather resistance. The T3-R is designed to brave the elements, being water-resistant. It can handle splashes and light rain, but it's not meant to take a swim in a puddle. Ensure it doesn't sit in water for extended periods to prevent any unwanted seepage. 

    Pro Tip: Try placing your T3-R inside a protective container like a box, flowerpot, bucket, or cinder block set on its side. Ensure the open end of the container faces the problem area. This not only shields the device from rain but also enhances

    sound amplification, turning the container into a megaphone for effective pest control.

    Is your problem further away than the 5-foot power cordallows? Here's a handy hint: leverage an extension cord. This nifty trick allows you to bring the repeller closer to the action and precisely aim the speakers at your rodent-related problem area. It's like extending the reach of your flashlight beam to illuminate the darkest corners.

    In summary, using the T3-R outdoors is all about strategic placement and maximizing its directional capabilities. Think of it as your trusty outdoor flashlight, guiding you through the darkness of rodent troubles. Happy repelling!

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