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T3-R Urinal Screen Deodorizer (24 Pack) with Urinal Cakes - Anti-Splash

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  • 24 Pack Urinal Screen Deodorizer: 2 Different Scents & Colors. 12x Blue - Ocean Breeze Scent & 12x Yellow - Lemon Scent. Each urinal screen is individually packaged.
  • ★ Reduces Splash: Updated bristle technology significantly eliminates urine splashback. T3R urinal screens fit over the drain hole so they can effectively catch garbage such as cigarettes, paper, etc. Each pack includes disposable FREE Gloves.
  • ★ Easy to Use: Our Urinal Cake Fits 99% of major brands of urinals, Just put it on the urinal drain hole or floor and it's ready to use. Better backsplash than other round or triangular-shaped urinal screen, and The SCENT is longer-lasting than urinal cakes.
  • ★ Up to 30 days Fragrance per Urinal Mats: Each unit will emit a perfumed long-lasting fragrance for up to 30 days / 5,000 Flushes. Keep it smelling clean with the revolutionary technology behind these Urinal Cakes.
  • ★ Widely Used Urinal Deodorizer: Perfect fit for Public restrooms, Restaurant restrooms, Office restrooms, School restrooms, Factory restrooms, Shopping mall restrooms, Church restrooms, etc. Remove bad smells & make the bathroom a highly disinfected and perfumed room.


Scent: Ocean, Lemon
Color: Blue, Yellow
Brand: T3-R
Item Form: Mat
Width: 7 inches


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T3-R Urinal Screens Deodorizer (15 Pack) with Urinal Cakes - Anti-Splash Odor Protection for Toilets - Perfect for Bathroom Office Hotels Restaurants & Airports - Free Gloves Included .T3-R Urinal Screens Deodorizer



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Damaged or Broken Unit Ultrasonic Repeller Return and Replacement Policy

Due to the mechanical nature of these devices, we offer a one-year manufacturer warranty on the T3-R and T3-R Ultra Triple High Impact Rodent Repellers. We will replace any broken or damaged T3-R or T3-R Ultra repellers within that period.

That being said, we stand by our ultrasonic repellers and we want you to succeed when using them. If you’re not seeing good results after properly setting up and using one of our ultrasonic repellers for two weeks, please contact us so that we can help you using our Second Step Solution customer assistance program.

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For the rest of the household products, we offer a 30-day return or replacement policy.

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Just mail the product back to us, and we will process the return and refund in the order that we receive them. To expedite your refund, we ask that you include the Order Number along with the device so that we can quickly find and process the return.

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    T3-R Urinal Screen Deodorizer (24 Pack) with Urinal Cakes - Anti-Splash

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